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let allow me to introduce myself, i'm a man of wealth and fame.....

Ok, so I'm not wealthy or famous [yet =P], I just like the Rolling Stones. Anyways, hopefully I am not blatantly and insensitively violating any restraints on membership of this community as I see it's primarily for those in the Ironring. But nevertheless, my name is Jerry Erjavec, I'm currently a junior mechanical engineering student at the Milwaukee School of Engineering, obviously located in Milwaukee, WI. Since I don't have any creditials to mention, what I can offer (probably to the humor of you professionals) is that for current classes, I'm taking: Advanced Strength of Materials and Applied Stress Analysis (Strengths II), Thermodynamics II, Kinematics (Design of Machinery), and Calc 4. Reason for [attempting] to join is that I enjoy meeting people of similar interest, having my mind boggled until I can figure the boggling issue out, learning random new things, and meeting respectable people that I can aspire to model myself after in the future (that's not pure BS and brown nosing either). Well, I suppose I should be on my merry way, need to finish a lab writeup for Strengths 2 due in 12 hours.
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